Which Game of Thrones character would you be?

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Beretta Neos with Vortex Strikefire


Just got a Vortex Strikefire for my Beretta Neos, plan on using it to shoot some bullseye, I’ll report back once I’ve been to the range.

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Printer Tower design


This is the design of the tower which I am building to house my printers. Misumi offered $150 credit to first time customers, and I took advantage of this offer to acquire a buttload of 20x20mm extrusion. Alas freight shipping on 4meter lengths was annoying, so it wasn’t as good of a deal as 1meter would have been.

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Mossberg 590A1 with 28″ 835 barrel

Just got the latest part for my Mossberg 590A1 – a 28″ Mossberg 835 accu-choke barrel.  Fits perfectly, and should make for a decent trap gun once I get the choke in for it.  I plan on pulling the back ghost ring when I’m using it in this configuration.  It’s not something Mossberg advertises, but the 835 barrels fit the 6 round tube 590 series (If you’ve got the 9 round tube you’re SOL).


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About time for some timelapses.

My printer has a camera connected to it and my slicing software generates Gcode to take a picture at every layer change in a print.  Yesterday I noticed that the camera was not taking pictures.  When I looked at the display, I realized why.  It had run out of storage space.  It only has an 8GB card, but I’d never come close to filling it before.  I guess my machine is a better photographer than I am.

Today I sat down with iMovie and turned all those pictures into timelapse videos and posted them to youtube.

For your enjoyment:


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Made more progress on the scale. 8 ball is complete. Need to finish the flames and even out the edges. Not quite halfway done.

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Scale progress

Got this much of the scale done at the event while i wasnt playing.

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First person mini

This is the first person mini I have painted. People are a lot harder than objects. I tried a darker recess on the pants to mimic shading and I think it came out well. The shape of the head at the hairline (fuse point on the plastic) is a little skewed so it looks a little off, but I think I did a decent job on the face, at least for the first try. This mini took close to 4 hrs to complete due to far more detail, double the time of the others.




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Dungeon stone alter/chest

This mini was easier due to fewer curved recesses. This one looks awesome.


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First fully painted mini


I painted this mini in a total of about 2 hrs. I used basic brown paint for the coat of the rat and created pink for the tail. I had to mix both gray colors for the stone using a small detail brush and tooth pick for the crevases. The eyes were painted black using the head of a needle because it was so small. The teeth were colored also with a toothpick and used a yellow bone color. There was a little bit of layering and I tried to use a two toned look on the brown coat using a light coating of watered down lighter brown to get at the tiny raised portions. Overall, not bad, but it is tedious and I may need a lot more practice. The use of my headlamp magnifier was very helpful, providing extra light and great magnification for the crevases.

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