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I turned a cane at the makerspace from a piece of aluminium bar. I was going to just polish the aluminium rod instead of machining the entire length but the extruded rod was not exactly circular to start with so … Continue reading

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Chopper status

The pallet with the frame, motor, exhaust, rear wheel, and other assorted trappings arrived at the cycleone manufacturing shop. They’re going to be doing some frame modification and motor fixing-up for me. One part that did not arrive was the … Continue reading

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project management

so Ive moved. at least Ive mostly moved at the time of this writing. my workshop was disassembled and relocated to a makerspace, and my computer chair was designed to be more user friendly. since I am the primary user … Continue reading

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I make chainmaille. Usually when I say that people get mad and say they hate spam mail. Then I have to say no I mean chainmaille as in armor. I weave chain into garments. I’ve made vests, sleeves, inlays, a … Continue reading

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You may not know that I have a motorcycle it looks like this I’ve been working on for some time now but it wasn’t exactly the bike I wanted to be and in order to get it to that place … Continue reading

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Iron man 3

As promised, the unanswered questions from Iron Man 3. I won’t tread lightly, as this is all spoilers. The admiral and I discussed this at length in the theater during the credits, waiting for the bonus scene that followed them. … Continue reading

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So I’ve added a new motivational app to my iPhone. It’s called lift, and one of the things i’m tracking with it is the frequency of my blog posts. Though this is just a quick post, I’m going to count … Continue reading

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Busy Busy Busy

Whirling mad with design and printing various projects for FI. ¬†Bigfoot, the drone, and Nicci have all sat idle while I try and make my power armor not stupid-heavy for the next event. Converting Janus to a hand-held pair of … Continue reading

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AR15 New STL


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AR15 design files


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