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Just in Time

So an article about 3d printing guns is in the times today. Tools of Modern Gunmaking: Plastic and a 3D Printer There is a picture of me at my computer.

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Firing printed AR15 with 5.45 caliber upper

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new AR15 files

AR15 Source Files Stock Lower part 1 Lower part 2

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AR15 Two Part Lower Assembly

This is a brief overview of how my two-part printed Lower Receiver is assembled into a fully functional Lower Receiver.   I’m going to assemble an AR-15 Lower Receiver from parts. The lower Receiver is the part of the AR(Armalite … Continue reading

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Thingiverse decided to excersise their right to control the content they host and remove the AR-15 projects from their site.  We are currently hosting the one we’ve worked on. We’ll post more news as it develops.

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AR15 Lower Printing video

Please enjoy the following video, which is a time-lapse of my AR-15 lower being printed. this is my modified two-part lower, the buffer tower had already been printed, but I had to model in some support for this, because slic3r’s … Continue reading

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AR-15 printing

My AR-15 lower broke last weekend while shooting out at the range.  I’m printing a new version with a few fixes and improvements i thought of while using the last one. Here is a video of it printing.  

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AR-15 Firing Video

Video of me shooting the AR-15 with printed lower and grip/stock. It didn’t explode, didn’t jam(when I had the clip in all the way), and didn’t break through 400-500 rounds.  Now to clean it.

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AR-15 Assembled

  I finally assembled the AR lower into a (mostly) complete rifle.     The printed stock and lower is only partially printed, as i had to split it into several pieces to fit on the bed.   Here you … Continue reading

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AR-15 Grip and Stock in Print

So the first part of the AR-15 grip and stock combined part has printed successfully.  An initial prototype revealed some design flaws made by my altering the geometry of the grip itself by angling it back 15 degrees from normal. … Continue reading

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