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Printer Tower design

This is the design of the tower which I am building to house my printers. Misumi offered $150 credit to first time customers, and I took advantage of this offer to acquire a buttload of 20x20mm extrusion. Alas freight shipping … Continue reading

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TimeLapse Rig

So the new electronics on the prusa allowed me to experiment with something that I conceived when selecting the electronics for bigfoot. Though they are not exactly the same boards, they do have one thing in common. An Expansion port. … Continue reading

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project management

so Ive moved. at least Ive mostly moved at the time of this writing. my workshop was disassembled and relocated to a makerspace, and my computer chair was designed to be more user friendly. since I am the primary user … Continue reading

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Just in Time

So an article about 3d printing guns is in the times today. Tools of Modern Gunmaking: Plastic and a 3D Printer There is a picture of me at my computer.

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Firing printed AR15 with 5.45 caliber upper

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new AR15 files

AR15 Source Files Stock Lower part 1 Lower part 2

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Thingiverse decided to excersise their right to control the content they host and remove the AR-15 projects from their site.  We are currently hosting the one we’ve worked on. We’ll post more news as it develops.

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AR15 Lower Printing video

Please enjoy the following video, which is a time-lapse of my AR-15 lower being printed. this is my modified two-part lower, the buffer tower had already been printed, but I had to model in some support for this, because slic3r’s … Continue reading

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AR-15 lower failure, new spools.

Decided to go the cheap route and get an AR-15 lower with a .22LR upper, so I could put several thousand rounds downrange for a fraction of the cost of 7.62 ammo(as my AR-10 would use).  Here it is, fully … Continue reading

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So I’m finding myself all too frequently these days sitting in front of a computer, just staring at it, with nothing else to do.  I’ve caught up on all of the interesting things which I read regularly, and I am … Continue reading

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