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AR15 Lower Printing video

Please enjoy the following video, which is a time-lapse of my AR-15 lower being printed. this is my modified two-part lower, the buffer tower had already been printed, but I had to model in some support for this, because slic3r’s … Continue reading

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Power armor redux

I’ve made some substantial improvements to the power armor costume for FI.  Instead of pull-type gas springs(for closing storm doors) I have now installed push-type gas springs(for opening cabinet or vehicle doors vertically).  You can see both up and down … Continue reading

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Nerf Vulcan Heavy Weapon

I’m finally going to be using a nerf vulcan blaster in FI.  The impressive chain-fed monster which I got for christmas some years ago has been sitting and collecting dust due to in-game ability preventing me from using it.  Then … Continue reading

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AR-15 printing

My AR-15 lower broke last weekend while shooting out at the range.  I’m printing a new version with a few fixes and improvements i thought of while using the last one. Here is a video of it printing.  

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