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Just in Time

So an article about 3d printing guns is in the times today. Tools of Modern Gunmaking: Plastic and a 3D Printer There is a picture of me at my computer.

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Firing printed AR15 with 5.45 caliber upper

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new AR15 files

AR15 Source Files Stock Lower part 1 Lower part 2

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AR15 Two Part Lower Assembly

This is a brief overview of how my two-part printed Lower Receiver is assembled into a fully functional Lower Receiver.   I’m going to assemble an AR-15 Lower Receiver from parts. The lower Receiver is the part of the AR(Armalite … Continue reading

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RC plane received

At least, what is left of it was received today. We picked a rather terrible day for her maiden voyage, but I was leaving for college, and it had just been finished being constructed. The wind carried it up and … Continue reading

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