So I’m finding myself all too frequently these days sitting in front of a computer, just staring at it, with nothing else to do.  I’ve caught up on all of the interesting things which I read regularly, and I am bored.

Except for when this happens to me at work, which it shouldn’t, I will try to remember to take the time to write a blog post, or perhaps work on my novel.

So at the time of this particular writing, My printer is busily printing away at version 3 of my AR10 lower(pause to go grab a picture)

Scratch that, I made a video

So there is that.  Once I get a little more money, I’m going to buy the remaining parts I need to finish the AR10 rifle.   Of course there are other projects consuming my resources at this time, and  I have bills to pay besides.

I’m going to keep this update light, as for the third time since I’ve started writing it, I feel the need to go get up and do something. In this case, adjust some of the screws on my printed iPhone case.

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