AR-15 Two-part lower

After my AR-15 failed structurally in the buffer tube area, I decided to alter the model and print the lower receiver in two parts.  This allowed me to tweak the detail settings on the buffer tube threads, without worrying about a long, slow print causing warp with such a large object.  

The buffer tube area of the lower has printed successfully.

IMG 0128

After removing it from the printbed(it was quite sticky on there), i installed the buffer tube.  

IMG 0130


My 10-pound spools are not weighted evenly around, and have a habit of recoiling with a great deal of inertia when the ‘heavy’ point is pulled almost past the apex.  This can throw off the carriage and lead to offset prints.  I’ve got some one-way bearings on order which will fix that problem(because the spool will only be able to spin in one direction).  

I’ll be attempting the rest of the lower tomorrow.  Work continues on the Pistol grip/stock combined part.  I suspect this will be needed to reinforce the lower.  I’ve compared my hand(rather a large kind of hand) to the AR-15 grip, and to the (more comfortable) grip of my SIG P226, and I thing there is room for improvement.  Plus connecting the Pistol grip to the buttstock allows me to add structural reinforcement without tremendous added bulk.  The grip connects to the lower in a much more substantial way.  

Expect more updates soon.  

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