Cut off your nose to spiderface

So the bug thing has provoked a rather crazy idea in me. Remembering upon the tv show ‘the tick,’ I want to make animatronic antennae for my bug mask.
Utilizing a construction design similar to this thing I can make antennae that move just like the tick’s did. This got me further thinking:
How to move them? Full four way motion? Single dimension? What if they could each move in full four directions independently?
Would I want to be able to send semaphore signal code with my bug antennae?
Could I grab things like amps with my antennae?

Then I thought about bug mandibles. I could build those too and make them move on their own.
Here are some simple concept sketches I made while I was supposed to be working.
I traced my motorcycle helmet from an image on the Internet to get its outline right.

Here is a sketch showing the compound eyes both where I would look through them and also up on the top of the head where they look mo bug-like. I ordered a lense in the color which I’m going to paint the helmet so it should blend nicely and hide my real face.
If it doesn’t I can cut the shield and insert the compound eye lenses into the normal shield and distract the aesthetic view from my face behind the mask. this looks more anthropomorphized than I really prefer.

Here is a simple sketch of what it might look like with mandibles and antennae.

Here are some different antennae positions.

This last one is largely irrelevant as it shows the lenses inset in the helmet without a shield. I’d cut the chin bar most of the way off and mount the mandibles where it was. But using a shield I can make a smoother insectoid head. I’ll probably not go this way.

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