AR-15 Grip and Stock

So the two-part lower receiver for my AR-15 is coming along.  To support the buffer tube I have designed and modeled a grip and stock in one-piece.  The grip should lend strength to the stock and buffer tube area.  


I just now realized that to print the AR-15, I’ve made the lower reciever(initially 1 piece) into two pieces, and taken the stock and grip(normally two distinct parts) and combined them into 1.  That 1 is sliced into 3 separate pieces for printing, but there is still some interesting turnabout there.  

Pics forthcoming once the parts print.  

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3 Responses to AR-15 Grip and Stock

  1. Have Blue says:

    Multi-piece lowers then start getting into the territory of the interesting question – which part does the BATFE consider to be the receiver?

    • 7777773 says:

      An interesting question… I’d guess that none of the individual pieces are a firearm on its on. Sort of like cut wwII receivers are only a firearm when assembled. That’s just my guess, though, I wouldn’t want to test that hypothesis.

  2. turomar says:

    I’m not worried about it. That fellow who milled a lower out of HDPE cut the buffer tube area off and reattached it because it wasn’t initially centered. What I’m doing isn’t incredibly dissimilar. Given the lack of registration requirements for hand-made lower receivers I can’t see how making it in pieces poses any legal pitfalls.

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