AR-15 Assembled


I finally assembled the AR lower into a (mostly) complete rifle.  

IMG 0147IMG 0145


The printed stock and lower is only partially printed, as i had to split it into several pieces to fit on the bed.  

IMG 0148

Here you can see a close-up on the printed parts.  The lower passes all functional(non-firing) tests in the assembly guide on

The stock is too short to give me a good cheek weld with that giant scope.  I bought a AR stock via gun broker and it turned out to be only 7 and 1/4″ long, instead of the regulation 10 3/8″  of an A2 stock.  I’ll be modifying the printed grip and stock model and reprinting it once my A2 comes in.  

Looking forward to testing this at the range this weekend.  And as you can see below, Dvorak(my cat, named after the keyboard layout) is excited about the rifle also.  

IMG 0163

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13 Responses to AR-15 Assembled

  1. turomar says:

    the files for this were asked for(rather rudely, I must admit) and so it is worth noting that they have been on thingiverse since this blog post.

  2. drrik says:

    Not to get too complicated, but would reliability go up if the printer were used to make a mold for powdered metal with a bonding agent which could then be sintered?

    • turomar says:

      Metal is stronger than plastic. Using printing to make a mold for metal casting is what some professionals do for manufacturing on a large scale.

      • Redhook says:

        Some plastics are stronger than steel, they’re just not available for 3D printing at this time.

        • Will says:

          Stronger doesn’t mean what you think it means. In this case you want “toughness.” This means it can take an impact without fracturing. Nothing is harder than a diamond but you can still smash them with a hammer.

  3. Bry says:

    Would you mind re-hosting the files on GrabCad? I had intended to try out your gripstocks (both the older shorter style and the newer version) this winter, but now they’re gone. Thingiverse seems to have gone on a politically motivated delete spree, while Grabcad has always had a normal attitude toward CAD files.


  4. Dean Weingarten says:

    Looking forward to your test results.

  5. Robert says:

    Ok I want a stock like this. Don’t have 3 printing capabilities. So how much?

    • turomar says:

      If you can’t come get it in NH then i’ll have to add the cost of shipping.
      I have blue, green, and uncolored(off-white).
      You want it done at 100% infill? Would be strongest and heaviest that way but will cost more.

      I can get you a quote tonight if you tell me what color you want. colored plastic is slightly more expensive.

  6. bryan says:

    What is this being scaled to? I cant get it to mount up to my ar for the life of me?

    • turomar says:

      the model has the correct dimensions. If your printer did not reproduce it accurately, then it should be calibrated.

  7. turomar says:

    Yes. The AR parts are one of the few things that get 100% infill. 99% of my printing is done at 15% with 3 shells. extruder bodies and AR parts are the only things which get 100%.

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