Nerf Vulcan Heavy Weapon

I’m finally going to be using a nerf vulcan blaster in FI.  The impressive chain-fed monster which I got for christmas some years ago has been sitting and collecting dust due to in-game ability preventing me from using it.  Then once I actually had the ability, I was consumed with other projects and unable to give the vulcan the attention it deserves.

Now I have finally constructed a chain assist device capable of driving extended ammo chains, and this video shows a slower firing motor which will allow me to sustain fire for over a minute with a 100 round chain.  A stock vulcan would need at least 200 to do the same thing at 3 rounds per second.
Here are some videos of the Chain assist drive, moving 125 rounds of chain across my garage and then just spinning mounted on the vulcan.

We have decided to name this particular beauty ‘Hephaestus’

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