Can’t read my insect face

So I met with the powers that be in the world of FI and discussed my bug costume. I bought a latex mask from them. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I just need a few tweaks to complete the bug head costume. I’ll be wearing a red headsock under the mask, and I think I’ll build two kinds of sunglasses to conceal my eyes behind the mask. One will be for daylight use, as I do enjoy sunglasses in the daytime, and the other will allow me to see better at night, but still conceal my eyes.

The costume will also involve a lower face shield, and I’m planning to build motorized mandibles for that. I’ll probably house the electronics in a casing behind my head, which will also provide attachment points and support for the mask pieces.

Spider Face


Here is a very crude doctored image of what the mask might look like with spider-style fangs. And compound eye lenses. I have also a sketch of what the spider fang unit would look like, as I was getting ready to model and print this style, but now I might be having second thoughts.

Sketch below:


And now for a less arachnid style…

Insect 1

Insect 2

Insect 3


This gallery shows some insectoid mandibles, which I was able to colorize to the color they’d need to be to match the mask.

I’m not sure which I like better.

Use the comments section to vote on which one you like.


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