AR15 Lower Printing video

Please enjoy the following video, which is a time-lapse of my AR-15 lower being printed.
this is my modified two-part lower, the buffer tower had already been printed, but I had to model in some support for this, because slic3r’s generated support wasn’t doing what i wanted it to.
Also the camera wasn’t clamped down tightly enough, and so it shifted due to the vibrations of the printer. I caught it quickly, so most of the video is ok.

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3 Responses to AR15 Lower Printing video

  1. eddie says:

    Hey awesome job on promoting liberty and freedom. hats off. was wondering if you could do a write up on cleaning and prepping for assembly. im specifically looking for directions on joining the buffer tube attachment portion to the rest of the lower. I have been fascinated with composite lowers for quite some time and have a plum crazy lower now. any plans on making a printed lpk also?

    • turomar says:

      Printed lpk? I’m going to assume you mean Lower Parts kit.
      I’d estimate there are exactly two chances of that: No-Way and No-How.

      There is no extrudable thermoplastic available to me that can withstand the forces of the hammer, trigger, and sear. Maybe if I had a Metal Laser Sintering printer I could, but it likely would not be worth it. Unless I decide to print copies of a two-stage or match-grade adjustable trigger assembly, or design my own with different parameters than are available commercially, I don’t see it ever being worth it. And I’d also need a Metal sintering powderbed printer and the media for it which cost orders of magnitude more than my prusa.

      • eddie says:

        cool. Thanks for the latest post with the directions. exactly what i was looking for. ill post my build on defcad’s forums. thanks for the hard work!

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