Guns. Lots of guns.

So this blog wasn’t active when this happened or I would have done a bit more writing-up as it happened, but we did some testing of various nerf guns, specifically to determine the rate at which one could spew forth the foam ammunition.

Our results are collected in a convenient tabular format.

Our aim was to contest the idea that a new nerf blaster would “break the game” we were using it to play due to its ability to shoot very quickly with one hand. However, our results fairly disproved this even firing at the maximum rate at which one can pull that trigger. Firing at that rate will cause the range to drop off with each successive shots because the flywheels have insufficient time to spin up between shots.

We also discovered that the airjet automatic blasters have the greatest rate of fire. Even the chain-driven vulcan at over 200% of stock voltage is barely 2/3 the ROF of the airjet blasters. The problem that the airjet blasters have is that at those speeds the ammo capacity is insufficient. At 1000 rounds per minute, a clip of then is gone in less than one second. Reload speed becomes paramount at that point, and any mods which can increase the ammo capacity if a given magazine would make airjet blasters dominate the field. As they stand now, their shortfalls put them on even ground with the electric ones.

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