RC plane received

At least, what is left of it was received today. We picked a rather terrible day for her maiden voyage, but I was leaving for college, and it had just been finished being constructed. The wind carried it up and way, and Dad took it a little too close to a tree to avoid some cars. So close that the wing clipped it, spinning the plane around and sending it into the ground. Much of the airframe survived, but there was not time or means/inclination to fix the plane while I was away at school.
Now I have a 3d printer, and the modeling ability to create parts that can fix the plane.

It was partially disassembled for shipment and storage, but the damage should be clearly visible in the pictures.


This is the more damaged wing. Nearly half of this side is gone. 20130125-202544.jpg


The vertical and Horizontal stabilizers were broken in the crash, and only hanging on by the control rods. I detached those until it could be repaired.


This shows the actual damage to the horizontal stabilizer. I should be able to just glue this back together. 20130125-202528.jpg



The more intact wing. The heat-shrink covering is peeling off. I’ll likely remove all of it and do a fresh covering.



Here the plane is laid out with the wing centered over the fuselage. You can see how much of the starboard wing is missing here.20130125-202555.jpgA better view of the damaged wing and the rest of the plane.

So I scanned the spare balsa (in 2d) sheet which the wing spar was punched out of, and here is a quick and dirty wing spar #4 I printed.




Looks like it should do the trick, if I can do something about the warp, which might not be visible in this picture, but each end was a bit warped.  Likely due to the fact that this part reached from corner to corner of my printbed with less than 10 mm to spare.

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