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Whirling mad with design and printing various projects for FI.  Bigfoot, the drone, and Nicci have all sat idle while I try and make my power armor not stupid-heavy for the next event.

Converting Janus to a hand-held pair of stampedes.  Oh my god the wiring.  Feature creep made me keep adding sensors and buttons until i filled every open pin on the arduino.  I draw the line at resistor-multiplexing the analog pins because I just don’t have the time, and reading analog like that would slow down the code even further on my ‘gun.’

Brief description of functional aspects of Janus2.

  • Two barrels selectable
  • Automatic switching when one barrel is empty
  • Bypass switch for quick switching without menus
  • Semi, full, and burst modes of fire
  • Relay control to fire exactly one round
  • Adjustable ROF via voltage divider circuits
  • Minimized shells
  • AR15 Grip
  • Ammo count display

Also designing a visor for the armor.  Not sure it will be finished for game, but it’s in the works.  And swarmfire shoulder-cannons, since I pulled janus off of my shoulder to be wielded by hand.  Those are a touch easier.  Rather than configure autonomous modes of fire for the shoulderpods, i’m just going to have direct trigger buttons.

And here is a list of all of the things I’ve designed since the last FI event.  I would go as far as my last post, but that is too much work.

I can’t easily get all of the models pictured for this post, so i’ll just list project which are now completed.

Janus 1(complete but not working.  All the smarts couldn’t save the dual stampede from itself.  Stampede is a terrible platform.)

Janus 2: 2 swarmfires and 2 speedswarms in boxes mounted to each shoulder of my power armor.  Went for a timberwolf mech kind of look, and I think I got it.

Horus: replacement for huitzipotchli, which the device was lost on an Ace point mission, and so I’m replacing the prop too.  Built out of a rayven, with a printed flywheel and case for the arduino motor shield.  I’ll use these parts as the base for my next natural weapon.

Power armor canopy: Printed brackets holding a polycarbonate shield about the head area of my armor.

Mandibles: moved the electronics and power supply to the head.  Now I can pull off the mask without a dangling cord getting in the way.

New filament spool: now the filament turns on its side.  No unbalanced swing-back and the turntable is reasonably light on friction.

The armor is back up to about 50 pounds, but the weight is not low in the back(from a car battery).  High weight is easier to carry with a frame-pack.  Looking forward to the election and assorted  FI shenanigans this weekend.


Edit: forgot to mention(because they involved no printed parts) the BALLOT and BULLET boxes.  I took a pair of .50 cal ammo crates which had been taking up space in my basement and painted them up for use in FI.  Since i never want to see them distribute nerf darts in the kitty litter bucket which I donated darts in(to my shame) I painted “BULLET BOX” on one of the crates, and since there is an election this cycle; I painted “BALLOT BOX” on the other and cut a slot in it and added a hasp for locking.  Technically locks are not allowed per the rules, but I think if we put the key on the box under the in-game tag for ‘locking’ a container, they would allow it.

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