(Un)Authorized Apple Service Provider

So my refurbished 21.5 inch iMac was having some problems.  It would power down unexpectedly.  At first I thought it was a wake-from-sleep issue, so the power settings were changed to disable sleep.  I removed it from the UPS and plugged it directly into the wall.  Still the computer would power down for no apparent cause.  So I called the nearest apple authorized service center to find out if appointment was needed for service.  They take walkins, so the iMac went in to Mac Edge.

They had it overnight and called me saying it was ready for pick up. When I got there, my computer was ready, but they said they couldn’t reproduce the powering down after running it with heavy application use for 16hrs.

They said it was likely an issue with the circuit at the house. Of course I had already tested these, but it was running for them, so maybe the problem had fixed itself. Brought it home and it continued to crash, more frequently this time. I brought it back the next day and they couldn’t power it on at all. So finally the problem happens for service professionals, if they even deserve that title.  They said they would fix what is very clearly a problem with the power supply functioning inadequately.  They replaced the graphics card and I picked it up the following day. Got it home and used it a few hours that day and the next. Crashed again, over and over, and again it didn’t power back on, so back it went.

By this time, dissatisfied with the service I was getting from MacEdge, I called Apple directly to ask them what they problem could be.  They suggested power supply. Back at MacEdge, I was told they couldn’t just replace parts all “willy-nilly” trying to make the computer work.  A computer, I should mention, which is under a full applecare warranty for 2 more years. This shouldn’t be costing them anything. But they said they would replace the graphics card again, with a newer model, and see if that worked. Clearly they had not heard Einstein’s definition of insanity.  In case you, reader, are unaware, he stated it as ‘Repeating the same experiment and expecting different results.’  Replacing the graphics card did not truly fix the problem before, so what rational person would expect it to now?

I called apple to give them an update and told them that all MacEdge was doing was the same repair that did not work the first time. I asked the ‘authorized service center’ employees at MacEdge call apple directly to work with the specialist on my case. Two days this time, and got a call. When I asked how he was (Dan- the manager) he said “I would be better if your computer wasn’t in my shop.” He told me to call apple again myself.  Really?  I have to call apple for you because you, the manager of an authorized service center, can’t fix the problem with an Apple computer?  And you can’t call them yourself?  Is the job of a service center not to escalate the issue when you are unable to fix it?

How in the hell can a company like this remain in business?  They are clearly out of their depth with this repair, and unwilling to pick up the phone and call Apple, a company, which I can’t reiterate enough, THEY ARE AN AUTHORIZED SERVICE PROVIDER.

This title is both unearned and undeserved, and they should be stripped of it immediately. As a company, Apple is not served in any way by the rude representation they are getting from this establishment.

I would caution anyone out there against taking any Apple product to these unprofessional, impolite, incompetent assholes and bring your repair needs to an Apple Store’s Genius Bar instead.  The wait may be long, but the service should at least be more competent and polite.
And you’ll be getting service from someone who didn’t learn how to do it from this guy.

I understand why MacEdge can take service on a walk-in basis.  Anyone who knows better(which is now also me) goes elsewhere.

Actually that voice sounded pretty familiar.  I wonder if that video was made by someone from MacEdge…

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  1. Arman says:

    I have an 27 inch iMac with the quad core turbo edition, can turn 4 to 8. I had the same problem you mention above. It is OS issue. Mine would turn off my screen and go into a sort of sleep mode that I could not recover from unless I pressed the On/Off button. I hust ignored it for so long that eventually, with the new updates being pushed by Apple it just fixed itself. It no longer acts up, it did take like 6 months for the problem to rectify itself.

    Just thought I mention this as you have been very helpful to me.


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