Iron man 3

As promised, the unanswered questions from Iron Man 3. I won’t tread lightly, as this is all spoilers.
The admiral and I discussed this at length in the theater during the credits, waiting for the bonus scene that followed them.
Why did tony blow up all of his excess suits at the end of the film? Why could he not call SHIELD for some help with the big bad guy, one learned whom or where he was? And as for the president’s security, i find it hard to believe that Captain AMERICA would not be tapped to help when air force one is blown out of the sky.
Also: why is it the bad guys are always allowed inside the war machine(or iron patriot) suit? In iron man 2, the US govt allows hammer industries to reprogram it, and here we see AIM has done so as well. It was only briefly touched on with just one line something about ‘AIM upgraded your software’ or something like that. Are there no independent code reviews for the upgraded software we’re putting into the unstoppable murder machine?
Also, why is it ever allowed within 100 miles of the president? The secret service has no mechanism at all for stopping war machine, and even if they trusted rhodes 110%, he isn’t secret service. Also, why aren’t they copying war machine? Tony stark can just build suits like they’re confetti(and they are at the end of the film) but the US govt can’t seem to make a couple? Our boys at NASA aren’t sending shuttles into space anymore(cuz they ran out of them) and this seems like the kind of task they would be well suited for.
Any why, with his parade of iron man suits, does he not have one rated for extreme temperature? They bad guys are cutting through them like a hot knife through butter, and it seems like he has one for every occasion, but there isn’t a magma diver?

I don’t really expect answers to these, as one must suspend disbelief for a comic book superhero movie. And I really enjoyed the film.

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  1. AdmiralFDG says:

    I can understand why he blew the suits, it was a symbolic gesture, but in a post-avenger’s world, giving Nick Fury a call seems like a no-brainer. Even if he’s ‘we can’t get resources there in time, you’re on your own’ it would have improved the plot imo. Maybe they couldn’t get SLJ to come record some dialog. Good movie anyway though.

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