Chopper teardown

You may not know that I have a motorcycle it looks like this

I’ve been working on for some time now but it wasn’t exactly the bike I wanted to be and in order to get it to that place I needed to pull the engine out of the frame.  Here it is just after the engine was removed.  Almost looks like there is no bike anymore, at least compared to the whole thing.



Rolling frame without engine.



Engine outside the frame.  Was completely running before I pulled it.


20130610-191837.jpgHeadlights from the front.  The bike looks so skinny without that inline 4 sticking out each side.  20130610-191832.jpg


The shaft drive yoke visible here.



All the parts I pulled off the bike are now in this bin.  Carbs, bolts, brackets, old battery box.  That last one wont be going back on the bike, as I’m going to use a smaller lithium battery and put it elsewhere.  20130610-191846.jpg


Shaft drive gear housing has to be pulled before the engine would come out of the frame.  20130610-191850.jpg


As I got the shaft housing off, I noticed that the drive gear shaft had sheared off.  You can see it here in the picture; the gear in the top center of this picture is on a sheared shaft.  It probably would run fine if I put it back on, as oil stains indicate that this has been sheared for quite some time.  20130610-191854.jpg


Here you can see the angle of the swingarm with no weight and shock absorbers.  I believe these shocks are 1″ shorter than stock, so the rear wheel would be closer to the ground, maybe touching.  Not pictured is the front forks, which are slid up in the triple trees by about 2″.

Below you can see the frame at the height I want to build it to ride at(sitting on a kitty litter bucket), and the swingarm angle with the struts, and the height it sits on the center stand.

My plan is to weld channel steel coming back from the engine loop at the height of the engine mounts and cut off most of the frame that isn’t the engine loop.  The struts will bolt to that channel steel and hold the swingarm.  Then the seat height will be just about 2-3″ above the swingarm, and I can tuck the electronics and battery just above the swingarm and below the seat.

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