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so Ive moved. at least Ive mostly moved at the time of this writing. my workshop was disassembled and relocated to a makerspace, and my computer chair was designed to be more user friendly. since I am the primary user I like this a lot.

I have also deprioritized certain projects in favor of completing the others.  So pretty much all the FI stuff is on hold, except for necessary maintenance; the UAV gear will likely be sold, though I am learning to fly RC, albeit the old fashioned way.

A word on iterative design; one of the biggest stumbling blocks with iterative design is the fact that sometimes one makes a bad choice.  New information comes to light, or one learns things in development that changes the cost/benefit of previous decisions.  With agile methodology, one generally is prepared to throw away up to 50% of one’s work in order to backtrack those decisions once they are no longer the desired avenue.

A great deal of time has been wasted trying to fix a bad decision because of the fallacy of the sunk cost.  The time already spent on something justifies continuing to do something the wrong way, as opposed to throwing it out and starting fresh.

The bigfoot printer serves as an example of this.  Being that I’m (crazy) doing this all myself, I’ve decided to change the frame bracket design paradigm, and switch the X and Y drive systems from belts to thread-less bearing screws.  The bearings will give it less backlash and make the printer more versatile, in that a cutting head could now be run by the system.  GT2 Belts are not strong enough to allow that.

The Y drive system is a simple change, as is the Z, since it was already going to be screw-driven.  The X drive and the X carriage need the most amount of work, which is not entirely surprising, since those were the parts that I designed first.

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