Moving mandibles

Work has been proceeding on the bug face mandibles. Ive programmed servo motion based on sound. It’s not 100%, but as a proof of concept, I’m happy with it.
I’ve also build a prototype assembly to check the motion and tolerances and fitment of the part on the facemask. The biggest challenge with programming the servos is that the servos will report their current position after being told here to move, regardless of if the servo has reached that position yet or not. So I was forced to program a ‘dumb’ delay into the code in order to wait for the servo to finish it’s movement to the specified location. It is based on the movement distance. I still need to program in the speed, as i’ve just been moving the servos as fast as they can.

The mandible assembly will be in theory possble of grasping things and moving them into my mouth. Direct control with buttons remains to be programmed, as does the accelerometer control. I will probably work on the buttons first, then the accelerometer.

Please enjoy the pics of the printed movement skeleton.


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