Blind Man’s Dragon

So I took a quick break from the bug mandible work to do something I’d been meaning to do for some time.

That being publish my novel.  I had thought it unattainable as I was not finished writing it to conclusion, but then the idea of serialization occurred to me, and I hit the gas on that concept.  Installment 1 of the Adventures of Mathias and Kurai had been written for over a year now, and I was just appending episodes to it as I thought of them.  Whenever I was bored and in front of a keyboard.  I got it edited by a few people I trust, then published on amazon.

It is titled “The Blind Man’s Dragon” because every other title I thought of was either taken by some deviantart or fanfiction, or just sounded terribly emo.  It’s only $1, and I certainly think it’s decent, or else I’d not have posted it.

Purchase Link

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