Super Duper Automatic Printer with a CD-ROM drive!

So I decided to replace the 2yr old electronics on my reprap with something newer.  Something that maybe wouldn’t overheat the X stepper driver and cause missed steps.  Since I’ve got a azteeg X3 waiting for the Bigfoot printer to be ready(no progress to the prusa being down) I went with an Azteeg X1 for the prusa.  It doesn’t come with onboard SD support, but I put SDRamps on my old controller, and could move it over if I decide i need it.  I doubt I will, as Repetier-Server doesn’t seem to use the SD card at all.  So I got the wiring all done, and plugged it into the power supply I’d been using for the ramps.  Only problem was that the ramps took two power inputs, one for the motors and extruder, and a separate one for the heated bed.  Azteeg only takes one Power input.  Well the existing power supply split the 12V supply for motherboard and peripherals, which worked fine when the bed ran off a separate input, but those lines individually were insufficient to heat the bed and run all the motors, something which I discovered after tuning the stepper drivers and trying to print.  It made a horrible noise and didn’t move the extruder.  So I tried the peripheral supply which had been in my RAID before I converted it to a server, but this caused the supply voltage to drop below 9V and the printer controller to brown out when heating the bed.  A quick googling of how to use ATX supplies with reprap mentioned that some supplies require a 5V load to regulate the 12V line.  Considering that this supply had no output for a motherboard, that seemed likely, and I had a spare DVD drive in a box, so I plugged that in and suddenly the bed heated with no voltage drop.  Now the prusa is printing again.


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