Led matrix

So I have begun construction of the LED matrix. which will form the centerpiece of my power armor. It is a 91-element LED assembly in the shape of a hexagon. Ive printed out the LED holder plate and all the LED’s are affixed to it. 12 shift registers with 8 bits each allow me to control each of the 91 LED’s individually from my arduino. Initial testing showed that explicit definition of animations in program space by a two-dimensional array is a functional solution. I have yet to figure out a solution for defining multiple animations, but using the nuclear radiation symbol as padding should allow me to fit a 3-dimensional arry. I need to code the other functions before i get too crazy with animations, as there is limited memory space for programs.

I will attach images and a movie i took of the first of 6 segments of the matrix hexagon once i get internet.
Here is a short vid of the test pattern on the first hex.

After the matrix is complete, I’ll be able to concieve and build a chestplate for my power armor. With a chestplate, the only remaining piece will be the gun arm and articulated legs which connect the backpack to the feet. I’m feeling the pressure of the calendar days ticking by as the next FI event approaches.

Update: after getting home I did some more work soldering hexes. Here is a vid of 4segments doing the test pattern. You can just barely make out the lag due to the pattern only being 16 elements long. So the first iteration only applies to one hex at a time. Of course the code has no delays right now, and it just keeps writing that pattern over and over until 100 ms have elapsed. This fills out the registers which aren’t directly supported.


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