Armoire of invincibility

Construction has begun in my power armor. I’ve designed boots that will carry and actuate air pumps to fill my air jet nerf guns as I walk. Currently they can also be utilized while stationary by lifting my heels up off the ground and setting them back down.

Here you can see the boot and framing in the raised position.


And here is the lowered position with respect to the boot heel. (the bottom frame is lower)


I will likely design a facet that permits me to lock the assembly in the raised position though I hope I won’t need it. In addition to the air pumps, this assembly will also give the ‘toes’ of my boots lifelike motion. Or Perhaps more accurately robot-like movement. The toes and pumps are not pictured as the final aesthetic direction remains open to at least two possibilities. Robot and insectoid exoskeleton.

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