Bigfoot works!

So I got bigfoot working, the only outstanding milestone really is to write a post about it.  After 15 long months of work, design,  redesign, printing, failure, and assembly, the 3d printer I designed myself works.  It prints, it prints, and it prints some more.  That is really all one can ask of a 3d printer.   It still needs some tweaks of course, more calibration, but everything always does.

I’m currently using it to print parts for a new desk, which will raise and lower, and fit my lazyboy chair underneath.  A webcam on the desk near it allows me to watch the print happening live, and the raspberry pi connected to the printer allows me to control the print from my apartment upstairs.

I’ve posted the design to youmagine, and removed it from thingiverse.  I’ll not have my ideas being patented by those litigious motherfuckers.

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