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Turomar is the name to who posts are attributed, and while you might attempt to discern his real name based on information elsewhere, it will never be confirmed or denied here. His real name is not necessary for the purposes of this site, and in fact the reputation established here has already prompted the redaction of certain subjects. Anonymity grants certain freedoms of expression, freedoms which would not be afforded to someone whose identity was fully known.
Not that the intent is to exemplify John Gabriel’s Internet dickwad theory, but rather to avoid repercussion of writing about certain subjects.
Turomar has done many things in his brief lifetime, and chooses to write about some of them here. Why not all? Because some are not worth mentioning, some are not things he wishes to share, and primarily because not every detail of someone’s like should be shared with the world.
Also the time turomar has to write is not infinite, and writing about things is time that could often be spent more productively. Each word written here is a word not written in his latest novel, or a bolt not tightened on his new 3dprinter, a 3d design model that stays that much further away from completion, or mile not ridden on a motorcycle trip.

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