Iron man 3

As promised, the unanswered questions from Iron Man 3. I won’t tread lightly, as this is all spoilers.
The admiral and I discussed this at length in the theater during the credits, waiting for the bonus scene that followed them.
Why did tony blow up all of his excess suits at the end of the film? Why could he not call SHIELD for some help with the big bad guy, one learned whom or where he was? And as for the president’s security, i find it hard to believe that Captain AMERICA would not be tapped to help when air force one is blown out of the sky.
Also: why is it the bad guys are always allowed inside the war machine(or iron patriot) suit? In iron man 2, the US govt allows hammer industries to reprogram it, and here we see AIM has done so as well. It was only briefly touched on with just one line something about ‘AIM upgraded your software’ or something like that. Are there no independent code reviews for the upgraded software we’re putting into the unstoppable murder machine?
Also, why is it ever allowed within 100 miles of the president? The secret service has no mechanism at all for stopping war machine, and even if they trusted rhodes 110%, he isn’t secret service. Also, why aren’t they copying war machine? Tony stark can just build suits like they’re confetti(and they are at the end of the film) but the US govt can’t seem to make a couple? Our boys at NASA aren’t sending shuttles into space anymore(cuz they ran out of them) and this seems like the kind of task they would be well suited for.
Any why, with his parade of iron man suits, does he not have one rated for extreme temperature? They bad guys are cutting through them like a hot knife through butter, and it seems like he has one for every occasion, but there isn’t a magma diver?

I don’t really expect answers to these, as one must suspend disbelief for a comic book superhero movie. And I really enjoyed the film.

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So I’ve added a new motivational app to my iPhone. It’s called lift, and one of the things i’m tracking with it is the frequency of my blog posts. Though this is just a quick post, I’m going to count it.

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Busy Busy Busy

Whirling mad with design and printing various projects for FI.  Bigfoot, the drone, and Nicci have all sat idle while I try and make my power armor not stupid-heavy for the next event.

Converting Janus to a hand-held pair of stampedes.  Oh my god the wiring.  Feature creep made me keep adding sensors and buttons until i filled every open pin on the arduino.  I draw the line at resistor-multiplexing the analog pins because I just don’t have the time, and reading analog like that would slow down the code even further on my ‘gun.’

Brief description of functional aspects of Janus2.

  • Two barrels selectable
  • Automatic switching when one barrel is empty
  • Bypass switch for quick switching without menus
  • Semi, full, and burst modes of fire
  • Relay control to fire exactly one round
  • Adjustable ROF via voltage divider circuits
  • Minimized shells
  • AR15 Grip
  • Ammo count display

Also designing a visor for the armor.  Not sure it will be finished for game, but it’s in the works.  And swarmfire shoulder-cannons, since I pulled janus off of my shoulder to be wielded by hand.  Those are a touch easier.  Rather than configure autonomous modes of fire for the shoulderpods, i’m just going to have direct trigger buttons.

And here is a list of all of the things I’ve designed since the last FI event.  I would go as far as my last post, but that is too much work.

I can’t easily get all of the models pictured for this post, so i’ll just list project which are now completed.

Janus 1(complete but not working.  All the smarts couldn’t save the dual stampede from itself.  Stampede is a terrible platform.)

Janus 2: 2 swarmfires and 2 speedswarms in boxes mounted to each shoulder of my power armor.  Went for a timberwolf mech kind of look, and I think I got it.

Horus: replacement for huitzipotchli, which the device was lost on an Ace point mission, and so I’m replacing the prop too.  Built out of a rayven, with a printed flywheel and case for the arduino motor shield.  I’ll use these parts as the base for my next natural weapon.

Power armor canopy: Printed brackets holding a polycarbonate shield about the head area of my armor.

Mandibles: moved the electronics and power supply to the head.  Now I can pull off the mask without a dangling cord getting in the way.

New filament spool: now the filament turns on its side.  No unbalanced swing-back and the turntable is reasonably light on friction.

The armor is back up to about 50 pounds, but the weight is not low in the back(from a car battery).  High weight is easier to carry with a frame-pack.  Looking forward to the election and assorted  FI shenanigans this weekend.


Edit: forgot to mention(because they involved no printed parts) the BALLOT and BULLET boxes.  I took a pair of .50 cal ammo crates which had been taking up space in my basement and painted them up for use in FI.  Since i never want to see them distribute nerf darts in the kitty litter bucket which I donated darts in(to my shame) I painted “BULLET BOX” on one of the crates, and since there is an election this cycle; I painted “BALLOT BOX” on the other and cut a slot in it and added a hasp for locking.  Technically locks are not allowed per the rules, but I think if we put the key on the box under the in-game tag for ‘locking’ a container, they would allow it.

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(Un)Authorized Apple Service Provider

So my refurbished 21.5 inch iMac was having some problems.  It would power down unexpectedly.  At first I thought it was a wake-from-sleep issue, so the power settings were changed to disable sleep.  I removed it from the UPS and plugged it directly into the wall.  Still the computer would power down for no apparent cause.  So I called the nearest apple authorized service center to find out if appointment was needed for service.  They take walkins, so the iMac went in to Mac Edge.

They had it overnight and called me saying it was ready for pick up. When I got there, my computer was ready, but they said they couldn’t reproduce the powering down after running it with heavy application use for 16hrs.

They said it was likely an issue with the circuit at the house. Of course I had already tested these, but it was running for them, so maybe the problem had fixed itself. Brought it home and it continued to crash, more frequently this time. I brought it back the next day and they couldn’t power it on at all. So finally the problem happens for service professionals, if they even deserve that title.  They said they would fix what is very clearly a problem with the power supply functioning inadequately.  They replaced the graphics card and I picked it up the following day. Got it home and used it a few hours that day and the next. Crashed again, over and over, and again it didn’t power back on, so back it went.

By this time, dissatisfied with the service I was getting from MacEdge, I called Apple directly to ask them what they problem could be.  They suggested power supply. Back at MacEdge, I was told they couldn’t just replace parts all “willy-nilly” trying to make the computer work.  A computer, I should mention, which is under a full applecare warranty for 2 more years. This shouldn’t be costing them anything. But they said they would replace the graphics card again, with a newer model, and see if that worked. Clearly they had not heard Einstein’s definition of insanity.  In case you, reader, are unaware, he stated it as ‘Repeating the same experiment and expecting different results.’  Replacing the graphics card did not truly fix the problem before, so what rational person would expect it to now?

I called apple to give them an update and told them that all MacEdge was doing was the same repair that did not work the first time. I asked the ‘authorized service center’ employees at MacEdge call apple directly to work with the specialist on my case. Two days this time, and got a call. When I asked how he was (Dan- the manager) he said “I would be better if your computer wasn’t in my shop.” He told me to call apple again myself.  Really?  I have to call apple for you because you, the manager of an authorized service center, can’t fix the problem with an Apple computer?  And you can’t call them yourself?  Is the job of a service center not to escalate the issue when you are unable to fix it?

How in the hell can a company like this remain in business?  They are clearly out of their depth with this repair, and unwilling to pick up the phone and call Apple, a company, which I can’t reiterate enough, THEY ARE AN AUTHORIZED SERVICE PROVIDER.

This title is both unearned and undeserved, and they should be stripped of it immediately. As a company, Apple is not served in any way by the rude representation they are getting from this establishment.

I would caution anyone out there against taking any Apple product to these unprofessional, impolite, incompetent assholes and bring your repair needs to an Apple Store’s Genius Bar instead.  The wait may be long, but the service should at least be more competent and polite.
And you’ll be getting service from someone who didn’t learn how to do it from this guy.

I understand why MacEdge can take service on a walk-in basis.  Anyone who knows better(which is now also me) goes elsewhere.

Actually that voice sounded pretty familiar.  I wonder if that video was made by someone from MacEdge…

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AR15 New STL


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AR15 design files


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RC plane Electric Motor Mount

Having decided to convert my gas-engine RC plane into an electric for a variety of reasons as part of the repair process, I designed this:
MotorMount2To mount the outrunner motor onto the fuselage.  I have a substantial stock of lipo batteries in size AA cells, which I can use to power the aircraft.



I also found a place that sells replacement wings cut from foam.  Building one of these wings from scratch will be more expedient than building a new balsa-rib wing from scratch.  Both of these will likely be more expedient than trying to repair the existing wing.

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For some time now, work has been proceeding to bring to fruition the crudely concieved idea of a 3d printer that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchonizing cardinal grammeters.
I mean a 3d printer built of openbeam and openrail with a 300mm Square build platform.
Such a printer is one I’m calling bigfoot.

I’ve designed every printed piece of this printer, including the mount for the extruder, though it conforms to richrap’s quickfit X carriage dimensions. The extruder itself is an upgraded qu-bd extruder. The frame should allow printing up to 500mm in height. It should also allow tensioning looped belts(uncut), and allow both heads of a dual extruder full travel on the build platform.

At present, I have exhausted the 200 M3 nuts I bought with my openbeam, and await more.

Design files can be found on thingiverse.

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Just in Time

So an article about 3d printing guns is in the times today.

Tools of Modern Gunmaking: Plastic and a 3D Printer
There is a picture of me at my computer.

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Firing printed AR15 with 5.45 caliber upper

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